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All Skill Grading

All Skill Grading

Martial arts require a high level of skill, mastered over years of training. Grading is done on an individual basis and varies by the student based on their ability to present their personal best.

Belts are not given out easily/effortlessly and we take the advancement of our students very seriously. Performance of the student martial artist will be graded based on discipline, techniques, strength, endurance, speed, balance, power and reflexes.

Testing methods and fitness components will vary with the different martial arts disciplines. In order to improve as a martial artist and to fully reach the potential, one should be tested and fitness levels should be monitored so the training levels can be adjusted according to the results. We use this approach to mould and make highest quality of Martial Artists.

We determine a “Champion” by the person’s attitude, behaviour, and thought process, not just a person who won the medal, title or trophy.