Here is the real meaning of Silambam. If we research deeply, we can know that Silambam is closely related with our age old or ancient traditional dances / folk dances like Kai Silambam, BharathaNatyam and other few folk dances. In which the dancers use to dance by wearing or holding Silambu (Anklet). In olden days, as few fight movements, weapons, footworks, Adavus from this traditional Tamil Martial Art were mixed and performed by the traditional dance communities by holding or wearing Silambu (Silambu + Aattam = Silambattam), later this Martial Art was familiarly known by the name Silambam.

Another example to consider is, few Adavu-s performed in the above traditional dances and Silambam have similarities. Also, there was an epic in Tamil based on Silambu (Anklet) – Silappathikaaram (Silambu + Athikaaram) (The Tale of an Anklet).

Gopinath Ramachandran