First Female Silambam Trainer on YouTube Priya Gopinath

Mrs. Priya Gopinath is the First Female Silambam Trainer on YouTube channel, from Mighty Martial Arts Academy, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Priya Gopinath, is now on YouTube to propagate our Ancient Martial Art Silambam and other Tamil Martial Arts. Mrs. Priya Gopinath being a Martial Arts Woman, she also has a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and worked as an IT professional in Chennai.

Mrs. Priya Gopinath is an International Silambam Champion, she is a National Referee for Silambam and the Co-Founder of Mighty Martial Arts Academy of India Pvt Ltd. Nowadays, we could see there are few girl children & unmarried women who are interested in learning our Tamil Martial Arts like Silambam, Kutthuvarisai, etc., and winning in the National & International tournaments. Most women after marriage are restricting themselves from getting trained in Martial Arts.

We could rarely see women who would continue Martial Arts training after marriage, only incase if they started their training before marriage at a younger age. For most women, starting Martial Arts training after giving birth to a child is a real big challenge.

Out of many women who restrict themselves from learning Martial Arts and women who think they could not do Martial Arts practice after marriage & child birth, Mrs. Priya Gopinath started to learn the Tamil Martial Arts and few foreign Martial Arts after her Marriage & child birth and she won Gold medals in the Individual Event Surul Vaal (Metal Bladed Whip) and Group Event at the International/World Silambam Championship 2019 held at – Malaysia.

Mrs. Priya Gopinath’s message to all the Women around the World:

“For Women, Martial Arts training not only give power but also make them more safe and aware of dangerous situations. There are no age restrictions to learn or undergo training in Martial Arts.” Even many of them are aware & supporting Women Empowerment; I can still see many women who could not come out of their residence to learn these Martial Arts because of family situations.

To make it easier for women to learn Martial Arts from their home itself, I am now here in YouTube channel, Mighty Martial Arts Academy to propagate the Tamil Martial Arts like Silambam, Kuthuvarisai, Varmakalai etc., I have planned to teach those Arts and spread knowledge about Health & real Fitness related subjects to all the people, mainly for women. I thought this will be useful to keep themselves safe from harm, also to improve health & Fitness level.