Female silambam artist Priya Gopinath motivational speech

Female Silambam Artist Priya Gopinath

Mrs. Priya Gopinath is an expert female silambam artist from TamilNadu. Out of many women who restrict themselves from learning Martial Arts and women who think they could not do Martial Arts practice after marriage & child birth, Mrs. Priya Gopinath started to learn the Tamil Martial Arts Silambam, Kutthuvarisai along with few foreign Martial Arts after her Marriage & child birth and she won Gold medals in State, National & International Silambam championships. She is the Co-Founder of All India Martial Arts & Sports Federation.

For most women, starting Martial Arts training after giving birth to a child is a real big challenge. We could rarely see women who would continue Martial Arts training after marriage, only in case if they started their training before marriage at a younger age. 

Mrs. Priya Gopinath is a fitness role model for women of present generation who proved that return to full fitness after marriage and having a baby is possible through Martial Arts. She have proved that not only it is possible to return to fitness post pregnancy, but have shown world-class performances in martial art silambam. She is currently teaching martial arts like silambam and kutthuvarisai both direct and online for students across the world.

Female Martial artist Mrs. Priya Gopinath’s motivational speech at World Tamil Sangam (Ulaga Tamil Sangam – Madurai) to all the Women around the World: