Let us see what is Martial Arts before knowing its benefits. Martial arts are systematised ancient traditional combat practices and techniques that turns a practitioner to be a noble warrior. Martial art involves a philosophy, a reasoned strategy, physical education, tradition etc. Ancient civilisations had technology that the scientists and inventors today can’t even imagine or grasp. It is a system of survival. Martial Arts can be practiced as an art form, self defence or as a combat sport.

You may have tried every diet that comes to your knowledge, but most of us now understand that there’s no substitute for sensible eating and regular exercise. Martial arts programs have been hugely successful and given benefits in the last 20 years in helping men and women to lose weight and achieve their dream body shapes.

Martial arts offers a positive way to reduce stress. Martial arts have proven to build stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Practicing martial arts helps to reduce obesity, to prevent us from cardiovascular diseases, to reduce type 2 diabetes, respiratory diseases etc.,

Practicing martial arts helps us to gain good heart health, it stimulates body’s natural healing system and increases immune power, it strengthens the brain’s neural networks, helping to improve focus and self-control. It increases will-power, it teaches awareness to help with prevention, and develop confidence to handle daily situations.

With proper training, the fighting techniques of martial arts can be used for the practical or realistic kind of attacks that happen in today’s world, even against multiple attackers and opponents armed with weapons.

Martial Arts is more than fitness & self defence. One who practice Martial Arts will get the ability to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. It makes the practitioner to outshine in life and to face challenges and converting hardships into opportunities. They will have the skills they need to defend themselves.

Practicing Martial Arts gives perfect unity of mind, body and spirit. A proper Martial Artist know when to fight and when not to fight.

In Mighty Martial Arts Academy, we focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self defense moves. We also teach the fundamentals of practical self defense. Our curriculum includes a wide variety of hand-strikes, kicks, basic grappling and throws, falling, rolling, and more.

We encourage Martial Arts primarily as a War Arts; educate the practitioners in understanding of real violence and how to prevent it.

We provide realistic training with / against modern weapons, combined with various ancient & modern strategies for self defense that would be helpful for the practitioner to tackle in a real-life situation. We encourage Martial Arts as a tool for spiritual development and as sports.

Gopinath Ramachandran